You selected primarily an introvert.

And now for the second question.

2. Is the person primarily impulsive or primarily tentative? 

What is the difference between impulsive and tentative? Impulsive people are fast-paced and very direct. They talk fast; they move fast; they think quickly; they act impulsively; they express themselves easily and directly. Impulsive people have a tremendous-inner need to get things done.  

In contrast, tentative people are slower-paced and very indirect. They talk slower; they think cautiously; they move carefully; they speak prudently; they hesitate before taking action. Tentative people have a tremendous inner-need to get things right.  

For example, impulsive people usually greet others directly with statements like, “Come in, sit down, have a drink.” While tentative people tend to ask, “Would you like to come in? Would you care to sit down? Can I get you a drink?” 

So again make your choice:

This person is primarily impulsive.

This person is primarily tentative.