Lynn Marie Sager (1961-present)

As a writer, life coach, teacher, actress, artist, business woman, caregiver, and world traveler (twenty-three countries and counting–including one NATO peace keeping zone), Lynn Marie Sager gives new meaning to the phrase Renaissance Woman.

Having taught classes on communication, persuasion, and influence for over ten years, Lynn found that the books available to her didn’t have exactly what she needed, so obviously she had to write her own books to teach from. Happily, her students and readers keep giving her five star reviews.

In her first book, A River Worth Riding, Lynn takes a unique and often humorous look at fourteen of life’s lessons. Lessons that people tend to think they have already mastered, but in truth, are simply taking-for-granted.

In addition to her writing, Lynn currently teaches a popular online courses at about the Power and Principles of Persuasion. She also hosts her own website and blog, where she act as an online life coach and counselor, using her Rules of the River as a catalyst for personal growth.

As if that weren’t enough, Lynn works part-time with low income kids, teaching tolerance and anti-bullying through her non-profit, The Global Passport Project. With what time she has left, she takes care of her aging parents, two cats, and their back yard jungle. She has lately been considering placing kalo and kava outsider her door each night in an attempt to attract a Menehune willing to do some yard work.

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Nursing a Kitten

Cleaning the River

On the Oregon Coast

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