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A delightful romp through the subconscious mind

Navigating Life through Turbulent Tides

By Lynn Marie Sager
A retired self-help expert is confronted fourteen years after her first book by the principles she taught. When their demands to know why she has been ignoring them receive an unsatisfactory answer, the principles take over and insist on telling their own story, resulting in a unique, insightful, and humorous guide to getting the most out of our turbulent times.

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A River Worth Riding: Fourteen Rules for Navigating Life Kindle Edition

If you want to survive the rapids of life, you’ll need to stop trying to change the river and learn to change yourself.
Learn to examine the real cause of your frustrations. Learn to redefine yourself. Learn to reflect, focus and strategize before taking action. Learn to allocate your resources and understand the power of process. Take control of your life. Stop contributing energy to everything you hate, and start contributing energy to what you love. Learn to attract, nurture, understand and influence the people around you. Learn to read the river’s currents and to let life flow.

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"In all my life, I have never met someone who has had a greater influence on me...the great source of information and inspiration I've known...If I succeed, I'll owe it in great part to you and your classes. They have changed my life, and so have you."
Bridget Ledford
Former Student

Thank you for everything you have taught me. It really helped me through a tough time professionally and personally. I think you're funny as hell too.
Dino Guerrero
Former Student

Like the farmer with his golden goose, I have found my golden egg.
Christina Chopian
Former Student

"You make your readers feel like you are along side them, coaching them...I'm much more calm since I read your book...I keep a copy of it on my bedside table...now I need a copy for my daughter.
Christine Jimenez
Former Student

"Not many people make an impression on my life,
but you are someone who made me realize there is more in life than I ever knew."

Richard Contra
Former Student

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