You’ve got yourself a Choleric.

People who exhibit impulsive and introvert qualities are Choleric. Choleric people feel that the main purpose in life is to accomplish something meaningful. They live to be acknowledged for their contributions to the world. They tend to be goal-driven and future-oriented. They love to be part of something big and important. They want to leave a mark on the world. They feel good when they have hit their target, and they hate people who get in their way. Whenever Cholerics feel trapped by people, or circumstance, they become irritable and abrupt. When they listen to other people speak, they often find their minds wandering. They really just want people to get to the point, so that they can get to their point. Choleric personalities live to make a point. But they need to learn that not everybody lives to make a point the same way they do. Choleric personalities only learn to interact with people effectively when they discover the link between getting things done and getting along with people.  

If you have ever wondered, “Why won’t they just get to the point and leave me alone?” chances are, you’re Choleric. But again, the true test as to whether or not you’re Choleric comes when you ask yourself what irritates you the most. What irritates a Choleric? Waiting, indecision, wasting time, long-winded people without a point and being ordered to do anything. Choleric people need to control their own choices and destiny. When dealing with Choleric personalities always be succinct, help them discover solutions, give them choices, help them to achieve their goals, give them credit for their accomplishments and don’t waste their time. If you give Cholerics the control they require, they will adore you and become your top producers. 

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