I was Phished two times this month,
but I didn’t fall for it because I have learned to recognize Phishing Attacks and avoid them.

I normally don’t post on subjects like internet security, but having received two  phishing attacks myself, I find myself wanting to address this urgent issue.

What is phishing? It takes two forms.

Image result for image phishingForm One: Someone sends you an e-mail claiming to be from one of your accounts and warning you that a change has been made that you must address. The e-mail provides a link to a page that LOOKS LIKE the official website of your account, and you innocently sign into your account, thereby providing the phisher with your login information and access to everything in your account. Not good!

Solution: NEVER log into an account from a link sent to you through e-mail. Always log in by going to the site yourself. Also report any suspected phishing e-mails to your internet provider immediately.

Form Two: Phishers also use pop up windows to ask for sensitive and important information.

Solution: Never enter sensitive information into a pop-up window unless you are 100% sure of its source.

Knowledge is power, and if you know what phishing is, you won’t fall for it. Here are three links that you can trust. Notice that they all start with https, not http. The “s” stands for secure.




Visit them to find out more, and keep your sensitive information safe.

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