American Indian Talking Sticks: A Kid’s Embassy Event Idea

Yes, I know. If you work with kids then you probably have already done an art project on Native American Indian Talking Sticks. If you have then this is simply a reminder of how you can use talking sticks to teach American Tribal Culture, communal decision making, and tribal law all while having a good time. If you haven’t used talking sticks then get ready to have some fun watching your kids be creative.

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Personality Types Versus Behavioral Masks

In class, I used to begin my lectures on Behavioral Masks by asking my students which they thought personalities were: “nature,” or “nurture.” In other words, are people born with personalities that cannot be changed, or do their personalities develop over time? Or is it a bit of both?

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A Game that Teaches Kids the Value of Trust in Relationships

Many of the kids I teach do not know the meaning of the word trust. This of course got me thinking, “How can I introduce the concept of trust to my kids in a way that won’t seem like a boring lecture?” Now I have always believed that games are our best teaching tools, so I began designing a game that I call Can You Trust Me? The kids really love the game, and it has gotten them thinking about trust. I has also taught me a lot about my kids, so I thought I would share the game with you…

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“What is trust?” he asked softly.

I had an interesting encounter with three of my students today. Their names have been changed to protect the innocent. I shall call them 6-year-old-boy, 7-year-old-boy, and 8-year-old-boy. So I am walking through our outer lobby when I come upon 8-year-old-boy glowering down at 6-year-old-boy. I ask what is wrong and 8-year-old-boy growls, “He jack me,” which in kid’s speak means, “He stole something that belongs to me.”

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