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Teaching Logic in a Whackadoodle World

In a world swirling with illogic, a frustrated mother hires an online tutor to help her daughter make sense of it all. The lessons they share provide a blueprint in critical thinking that we can all use in a wold surrounded by fake news, non sequiturs, ad hock excuses, and poor reasoning. Part story, part logic class, Teaching Logic in a Whackadoodle World takes its readers on a humorous journey though the many logical fallacies that permeate our politics and our world.

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A Daily Mantra For a Divided World

“There is always something I can learn,” will be my Daily Mantra for the foreseeable future. Mantras are simple phrases, or words, or sounds, that people use to help themselves stay focused on a particular state of mind. In my case, I need to focus on what unites us rather than divides us. As our upcoming election approaches, I find it easy to take a side, but everything I know about riding life’s river reminds me that it would be wiser if I did a little more listening and learning with an open mind to the people with whom I disagree…

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How do you face down prejudice?

Well you don’t do what I used to do. You don’t face down prejudice with logical arguments. Prejudice is too deeply rooted in emotions like fear to be influenced by logical arguments. Instead, you treat their prejudice like a fear and use systematic desensitization to slowly peel away that fear. To explain, let me share a story…

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