How to Handle Conflict Using Healthy Skepticism

We all tend to dismiss as irrelevant any ideas that do not fit in with our core beliefs. This tendency holds communities together, but can also cause us to overlook critical information that might cause conflict in our community and within our own core. It can cause division, misunderstanding and conflict among communities. We can’t count on others to bridge the divide, so we must take the first step ourselves.

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What Motivates Us?

Before you can learn to persuade, you need to understand the psychology of human motivation. What makes a person tick? What makes a person take risks? What makes a person try alternatives? What makes a person want to expand a...

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Keeping Your Crew Well Nourished

Twelve provisions guaranteed to help your crew thrive and grow  time  *   listening  * understanding  *  integrity  * clear expectations  * boundaries  *  kindness  *  sensitivity  *  honored promises  *  choice  *  recognition ...

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