What Motivates Us?

Before you can learn to persuade, you need to understand the psychology of human motivation. What makes a person tick? What makes a person take risks? What makes a person try alternatives? What makes a person want to expand a...

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Keeping Your Crew Well Nourished

Twelve provisions guaranteed to help your crew thrive and grow  time  *   listening  * understanding  *  integrity  * clear expectations  * boundaries  *  kindness  *  sensitivity  *  honored promises  *  choice  *  recognition ...

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Understanding Behavioral Masks

Nature of Nurture? In class, I used to begin my lectures on Behavioral Masks by asking my students which they thought personalities were: “nature,” or “nurture.” In other words, are people born with personalities that cannot be...

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How to deal with Energy Drains

Let’s Meet the Terrible Ten Before I introduce you, let me put a few things in perspective.  First, realize that these “energy drains” are truly in the minority. Most people really are wonderful, and the “drains” are few...

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