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Before You Embark

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Invisible Friends Series: Dealing with Overwhelming Emotions

“Doesn’t talking to myself make me kinda crazy?”
“Nah,” came the answer. “Kids do it all the time, but adults learn to grow out of it because their culture demands it of them. Talking to yourself can actually be extraordinarily healthy. It allow you to give yourself some much needed Psychological Air.”
“How do you mean?”
“Well, you can’t talk yourself out of feeling what you feel, just as you can’t talk someone else out of feeling what they feel. Instead, you need to dig into that emotion and uncover what the emotion is trying to tell you. You need to bring the emotion into the light and give it air. Talking to yourself can help you give it that air.”

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It’s funny how inspiration works

Lynn Marie Sager has a new book
Navigating Life Though Tubulent Tides
Book Description:
Fourteen years after her first book, a retired self-help expert is confronted by the principles she taght. When their demands to know why she has been ignoring them receive an unsatisfactory answer, the principles take over and insist on telling their own story, resulting in a unique, insightful, and humorous guide to getting the most out of our turbulent times. Read more to take a look inside the book.

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A Spoonfull of Empathy Helps the Medicine Go Down

I came home from work today and walked into a bit of a quagmire. My Dad caught me before I could even drop my bags and said with a face full of concern, “Your Mother and Tani had a huge fight. They aren’t talking, and your Mother keeps crying and saying that she just wants to die, so she can be with your brother.”

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