Author: Lynn Sager

How do you face down prejudice?

Well you don’t do what I used to do. You don’t face down prejudice with logical arguments. Prejudice is too deeply rooted in emotions like fear to be influenced by logical arguments. Instead, you treat their prejudice like a fear and use systematic desensitization to slowly peel away that fear. To explain, let me share a story…

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American Indian Talking Sticks: A Kid’s Embassy Event Idea

Yes, I know. If you work with kids then you probably have already done an art project on Native American Indian Talking Sticks. If you have then this is simply a reminder of how you can use talking sticks to teach American Tribal Culture, communal decision making, and tribal law all while having a good time. If you haven’t used talking sticks then get ready to have some fun watching your kids be creative.

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