Let’s define a few Global Passport Terms,
so you will understand them as you read about them.

The kids tend to like them because they sound official.

Our Passport

Global Passport: This term refers to both our non-profit organization, as well as the physical passports used by its members.

Global Consulate: This term refers to the individual group, or organization, or even family that has chosen to work with the Global Passport Project.

Deputy-Consul, or Deputy for short: This term refers to an individual member of the organization.

Consul-General, or Consul for short: This is the title we give to our Consulate’s individual group leaders.

Caught You Moments: These moments enable Consuls to rewards Deputies when they catch them keeping their Global Friendship Oath; several pages in this handbook are dedicated to explaining these stamps and how to award them.

Passport Stamps: When travelers enter a new country, they get their passport stamped. Likewise, when any Deputy attends a Global Friendship Event, or is caught keeping their Global Friendship Oath, their Consul can stamp their passport.

Global Friendship Events: These are various events—some simple, and some more complex—that the Consulate should plan to hold throughout the year in order to introduce the world and its diversity to their new Deputy-Consuls.

Global Embassy: Global Passport’s home office, which you can contact if you have any questions or concerns. We currently have only one Embassy, located in America. Persons in other countries may contact our Global Embassy, American Branch for information, or if they wish to establish a Global Embassy in their Country.

Global Ambassador: The person who will assist you when you contact our Global Embassy.

Conclusion of Duty: When a Deputy-Consul completely fills up their Global Passport with stamps, they may retire their passport and receive a remuneration, which they have negotiated with the Consulate upon accepting the Global Passport Challenge.

Visiting Ambassador: What we like to call our guests and our event speakers.

Holding or Revoking of Passports: It doesn’t happen often, but our members do occasionally need a gentle reminder that teasing, fighting, stealing, bullying, and even standing by watching while others bully is unacceptable behavior. When an infraction is relatively minor, the passport is “held by the Consulate” for anywhere between one day to one month. During this time, members may attend activities, but they earn no stamps. Once the disciplinary time period has passed, their passport is returned. For major infractions, like actually instigating the bullying, their passport is revoked and not returned. If they wish to receive a new passport, they must perform a task, usually beginning with a sincere letter of apology, in order to earn the right to begin the process again. In this case, they receive a new passport, but must start over collecting each stamp.

Now that we have learned our terms, let’s assemble our tools.

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