Your first and most important tool is your Consul-General. Without a committed and caring leader, your Consulate will fail. When someone asks a young mind to open up and grow, that someone must be willing to open up and grow as well. Consulate leaders need to share themselves. They need to provide companionship, regularity, engagement, accolade, talks, and empathy. Unfortunately, people can only give what they have, so your General-Consuls must have each in abundance. It also doesn’t hurt if they ooze creativity and know when to laugh.

Your second tool is your Global Passports. You should provide one passport for each General-Consul, as well as each Deputy-Consul. The passports are designed to be good for one year, with room for more than twelve events and lots of “Caught You Moments.” The passport contains nine sections. Visit A Look Inside the Global Passport to view passport contents.

Your third tool is your ink pad and Global Stamp. You can spend as little or as much as you want on your Global Stamp, just be sure that you use one official stamp per Consul. I picked up one at a local craft store; it has a little planet earth on it. My assistant Consul has one that has the word love surrounded by stars. If you are like me, you have a tub of donated stamps somewhere in your craft storage. Dig through them for something you like and make it your official stamp. If you don’t mind spending a little, our website resources page contains a few links to reputable sites that specialize in stamp pads.

Your fourth tool is optional, but fun. It is a Global Passport Travel Pouch—either one for each Deputy, or one for the entire group to share. Look up “IPad Travel Pouches,” using your favorite search engine, and you will find them in various shapes, sizes, and prices. They can get expensive, so again they are optional; however, the kids love them, and the wallets make it less likely that the kids lose and/or forget their passports. Again, you’ll find links to a few samples on our website’s resources page.

That’s it. You have all the tools you need. Now let’s take a peek inside that passports.

Go to A Look Inside the Passports