All these Events take planning, so I like to hold a Consul Meeting once a week.

A typical meeting runs a bit like this…

Let the Meeting Begin

I keep my meeting agendas pretty simple and short. We regularly begin with talks, throw in accolades and empathy, follow with engagement, and end with companionship. Basically, it goes like this:

We sit around in a group and begin by going around the circle asking if anyone has witnessed any “Caught You Moments” that need rewarding. If they have, we share the details and stamp the appropriate passports. We also talk about how things are going at school, or in the neighborhood. Has anyone seen any bullying, or teasing? What happened? What should have happened? Why do they think a person acts like that? Do they have anything else they want to share?

I try not to lecture, but instead encourage the kids to come up with their own ideas and solutions. I allow them to lead our talks as much as possible. I just steer occasionally with my questions—particularly if I have noticed any behaviors or attitudes that concern me.

After our initial discussion and “Caught You Moment Stamps,” we break out and work in groups on our next event. It might be doing research for the event. It might be designing fliers, or handouts. It might involve building games, picking from movie trailers, or a dozen other things. It almost always includes assigning jobs and following up on jobs in progress—all great team building skills. It is during this portion of our meetings that I like to remember that a little organized chaos can produce unexpected and serendipitous outcomes. So, don’t expect perfect, and don’t do everything for them. Let the kids be kids.

Go Palama

We finish the meeting by coming together in a circle where we answer any last-minute questions. The meeting is not considered over until we all put our hands together in the middle of the circle and cheer, “Go Palama!,” which happens to be the name of our Consulate.

Over time, you are bound to come up with your own preferred agenda. If you discover an improvement, be sure to share it with us all.

Okay, now that you know how a typical meeting runs, let’s inspire you with some Global Event ideas.

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