Your Consulate’s primary tool will be your Global Passports.
You should provide one passport for each General-Consul, as well as each Deputy-Consul. The passports are designed to be good for one year, with room for more than twelve events and lots of “Caught You Moments.” The passport contains nine sections. Let’s look at each section in detail.

The cover, which is designed to look and feel as much like a real passport as possible, so I stayed away from traditional kid colors. I suppose you could always have the kids design and construct their own passports, but there is nothing like passing out professionally bound Global Passports, complete with watermarked paper, to help your kids to take their membership seriously.

Identify Verification page, which is pretty self-explanatory. You fill in the correct names and signatures, including a picture that helps you identify the passport’s owner. I find this page an absolute requirement. It keeps kids from trying to pass off someone else’s passport as their own. I also like to stamp the bottom of this page next to my signature.

The Global Friendship Oath. To administer the oath, read it together, either one-on-one or in a group, then ask if they understand it. Answer any questions. If they agree to the oath, have them sign their name. Finally, sign your own name and place a stamp next to your signature.

A section about Global Stamps, which explains what Global Stamps are, as well as how to earn them.

A section about Global Friendship Events, along with a few ideas to get you inspired.

A section to collect stamps for Global Friendship Events. I recommend twelve monthly events per year, but I have included a few extra pages in case you feel inspired to have more. Remember, events can be as simple or complicated as you wish. You are only limited by your budget, your energy, and your time.

A section of “Caught You” pages, in which you can record Caught You Moment stamps, twelve per page. Each time a member earns a stamp, be sure to write one or two words on the line that reads “detail” about why you are stamping their passport. This helps you both remember when and why each stamp was earned.

A Completion of Duty page. This page gets filled in, stamped, and signed at the same time as the Identity Verification and the Global Friendship Oath pages get filled in, stamped and signed. The page is somewhat self-explanatory. When each member agrees to participate in the Global Passport Project, your Consulate needs to know what reward that member is working towards. Obviously, the reward must be something realistic and affordable. Give them some guidelines, let them take some time to think about it, and then negotiate with them.

Finally, a contact page. You will find a section where you can enter your Consulate’s contact information, so any lost or stolen Passport can be returned.

Now let’s take a closer look at the Global Friendship Oath.

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