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Because even the best self-help books aren’t always enough

Navigating Life has opened an online classroom for individuals seeking a human guide to the river of life. Students receive:

  • Unlimited access to our on-line classroom designed to help individuals master the rules of the river
  • The full fifteen-week course for Navigating Life, complete with videos, downloads, worksheets and more
  • Feedback, comments, and coaching from your personal guide with every class you undertake
  • Weekly e-mails designed to gently nudge you along your course.

Ready to design a worthwhile life? Click here to learn more.

Click on the video below to audit the first lesson for free.

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The Global Passport Kid’s Embassy opens.  

Global Passport includes an ever-growing network of concerned caregivers working to weed out prejudice, bullying, and the labeling of others from children’s hearts, minds and lives, before those seeds can grow. We seek to accomplish this task through cultural exchange, a celebration of diversity, and the building of friendships. Within our Kid’s Embassy, you will find all the tools that you will need to establish a “Global Consulate” for your family, after school program, or school.
Our primary tool? A Global Passport.

Click here to visit the Global Passport’s Kids Embassy.